About Us

Nine Hand Hill Farm is a take out frozen/fresh ready to eat food service. We bring you over 20 years in the Food and Hospitality industry. Direct from the farm to your dinner table. We focus on ready to eat foods made with local ingredients sourced from local producers. We have a network of farmers and producers and specialize in “Farm to Fork”. Our menu changes frequently based on what is growing in farmers fields and available for harvest. Our product is Sustainability packaged oven and microwave friendly. We are located in Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario. In addition we are a grower and seller of farm raised Chicken & farm gate egg sales. Fresh Turkey available in the Fall & Christmas seasons. In the summer our children plant  Sweet Corn and a Sunflower field and sell at the farm gate, farmers markets and in town.

Our Farm is a family affair. Devin & Pam and our 7 children. We identify the need to connect local producers and consumers with the abundance of locally produced foods. There’s a reason farm-to-fork meals taste so amazing. For one thing, the food is fresh. Knowing how farmers raise the animals and crops also contributes to confidence in the outcome.  It’s bringing people back to the land, and it’s keeping people connected to where their food comes from.